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Defeat the meat and eat for free!

Emerald Resort & Casino’s restaurants High Stakes and Breeze have introduced a challenge to all meat lovers – finish a meal that includes a 2kg  T-bone steak within an hour, get the meal for free and a place on the Wall of Fame.

Brave diners visiting the Resort are invited to take on the Emerald steak challenge – a steak that is 10 times bigger than your average 200g serving.

“It’s not a challenge for the faint of heart,” says Tanuja Gangabishun, Marketing Executive at Emerald Resort & Casino. “Enjoy this T-Bone with chips, onion rings, creamed spinach and crumbed mushrooms and a choice of a draught or milkshake.”

This gastronomic gauntlet costs R500.00, but then again it’s free if consumed within an hour.

Here are a few tips to assist in conquering the challenge: besides being juicer and tastier, make sure that the steak is rare/medium rare – cutting, chewing and swallowing is a lot easier. Cut the steak into small pieces and eat the steak first. Above all, enjoy the meal and remember that proper dining etiquette is still required – no eating with hands!

“This meal is huge and could bring a tear to the eye of even the biggest of meat lovers,” concludes Tanuja. “Are you up for the challenge? We dare you!”

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