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PRC and Nielsen launch first fused survey in South Africa

The PRC (Publisher Research Council) and Nielsen launched the first ever fused dataset in South Africa at packed out launch events in Johannesburg and Cape Town. This new and comprehensive brand dataset is changing the face of research in this country while adapting to current consumer behaviour.

According to Jonathon Wells, Senior VP at Nielsen Watch in the USA, and guest speaker at the fusion launch, “Long established market research methodologies are being challenged by the way the consumer environment is changing. The usefulness of so-called single source solutions, while long acknowledged as the “gold standard” is being challenged.”

Alternative approaches are needed to adapt to changing consumer behaviour, referred to as fragmentation or simply put – consumers have more choice!

The PAMS/CPS product is a great example of those alternatives in action. The product relies on Fusion, a modelling solution that addresses this fragmentation head on, by combining multiple data sets into something much more powerful.

“Simply put, Fusion reduces the cost and practical difficulties, especially time, in capturing all the data that is required in a single-source survey,” says Peter Langschmidt, consultant to the PRC. “Fusing our two existing surveys, with their common hooks, was the obvious choice as Nielsen already have approximately 50 Fusion projects running all over the world, and now in South Africa too.”

During the launch event a surprise guest, in the form of Jos Kuper who several years ago was instrumental in developing the current model for audience research, made her voice known offering support to the fusion project. She reiterates, “The world is not the same as it was 50 years ago when AMPS was the ‘gold standard’, there’s a new global ‘gold-standard’ relevant to a far more complex and diverse media landscape. Even since the future-proofing audience research exercise, fusion has become a more successful technique and I whole-heartedly stand by the Nielsen and PRC approach to implementing the model we presented to the SAARF board five years ago.”

Brands have been seamlessly integrated into PAMS in media planning software, and appear with the cross-tab selection fields as “Brands – Ever” and “Brands – LMH”. “It’s business as usual,” says Langschmidt. “It’s fully integrated and the brands appear exactly as they did in the single-source AMPS.“ FMCG brands can now be profiled for the first time on SEMs.

Looking at the top line fused data; there are 5 694 “brands” in CPS and of these 3 138 in 210 categories are included in fusion. However, many brands sell in multiple categories and after these are removed, there are 1,816 brands in the true sense of the word of customers having a relationship with the brand. Incredibly, a single household buys 136 brands per annum, that’s 2,38% or 1 in every 42 brands on the shelves.

Purchase incidence and sales profiles of all 210 categories across the SEM SuperGroup’s were discussed in the presentation. For example, the number of brands bought by households (HH) varies considerably from 116 in SuperGroup 1 to 168 in SuperGroup 5.

“The launch can be best described, as Fusion 101 in South Africa, however, in future we need to look at six monthly or quarterly fusions,” says Langschmidt. “The real power of CPS would lie in CPS subscribers fusing the complete CPS category and brand data including price, purchase cycles, pack sizes, where the brands were bought and much more, with PAMS and other media studies. Here both the client and the agency would have the complete fused data set, which will take media planning and advertising ROI to a new level.”

“I believe that we have clearly demonstrated, that the benefits of the PAMS/CPS fused dataset far outweigh single-source surveys,” concludes Langschmidt. “At a cost of around a quarter of a classic diary, and the inclusion of 200 000+ audited purchases over a 12 month period, fusion delivers a far superior result than previous methods.”

The fused dataset, known as PAMS BRANDS 2018 will be released by all software bureaus at midday on Friday 28th Sept. The PAMS BRAND 2018 Fusion Technical Overview can be found on the PRC website at

For additional information and more in-depth data of titles, please make use of the PRC’s website or contact the PRC on 011 326 4041.

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Emerald makes a difference to education

The winners of Emerald Resort & Casino’s annual readathon challenge have been announced as Mqiniswa Primary, Batloung Primary School  and Dr Molefi Oliphant Secondary Schools which have reaped great rewards as a result of their learners acing their reading categories. This challenge was aimed at local schools in the Sedibeng area. Ten schools put their three best readers forward to compete in three categories, namely, Junior Primary, Senior Primary and Secondary with the top three winners of each category winning educational prizes.

 Emerald Resort & Casino is pleased to announce that Mqiniswa Primary school won the readathon challenge for the Senior Primary School phase, Batloung Primary School  the Junior Primary while a learner from Dr Molefi Oliphant Secondary School was deemed the best reader in the Secondary school category.“The Emerald CSI committee visited the winning schools where discussions were held with the principals to determine their most pressing needs,” says Tanuja Gangabishun, Marketing Executive at Emerald Resort & Casino.

The principal of Mqiniswa Primary, in close consultation with the teachers, indicated that they would use the money to buy chairs for learners and staff. “To assist the school with this basic need, we handed over 70 chairs for the classrooms and 15 chairs for the staffroom,” says Tanuja.

Dr Molefi Secondary School requested a PA system to be used for their announcements. A system to the value of R10 000 was handed over to the school. To improve the quality of the daily scholastic lives for the 350 learners and 16 teachers at Batloung Primary School, a playground measuring 280m2, to be used for exercise, will soon be installed.“It always an eye-opener to see how much these schools do for their learners with so little,” concludes Tanuja. “It’s the small things, like chairs and a PA system that can add so much value.

We enthusiastically support our local community and look forward to continuing this event to create a brighter future for the kids and long term assistance for these institutions that teach the future of our country.”

Emerald Resort & Casino.

Tel:                              016 982 8000





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Does big data make us understand less?

Isla Prentis, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop says that Big Data was pegged as a trend at the beginning of this year. For the sixth year in row. Something’s wrong with this picture.

“Understanding is deeper than knowledge. There are many people who know you but very few understand you.” I came across this anonymous quote recently and could not stop thinking about it. Why? Because it helped me to define the gaps that I believe we’re facing in the marketing industry at the moment.

It amazes me that big data was listed as one of the big upcoming trends at the beginning of 2018 – for the sixth year in a row. How can it still be a trend six years later? And if it’s been around so long now, why is it still a massive gap in so much of our industry?

Big data is not unique to the marketing industry, nor is it likely to go anywhere. I typed “big data” in the news tab of Google and received >651 million results. There isn’t an industry that isn’t talking about transformation driven by big data. I don’t question that it’s here to stay but I do question if we’re using it to add value in our industry.

Marketing and advertising businesses collect data, a phenomenal amount of data! But do we use it, I mean really use this data? More importantly, do we understand it? I personally love technology and automation because it allows machines to collect and process masses of information really quickly. By embracing automation, we make a shift from data to the insight.

Have we lost understanding in our search for big data? On that note, let me clarify that I am not against big data – in fact it is just the opposite.

With my curious mind, I’m always looking to gain new knowledge, and more importantly, new understanding, and big data helps us do this. But this alone is not enough, big data is a starting point not the end point. It helps us arrive at knowledge. Looking up and immersing ourselves into communities around us will help to move that knowledge to a new level of understanding.

Data helps us to predict patterns in consumer behaviour but it does not help us to understand what drives the behaviour. It is essential that we understand these patterns to ensure that communication happens in the right context, and it is equally important that we understand what drives the behaviour so that we can find a connection with our audience.

And if you’re anything like me, right now you’re asking why? Well, we don’t need to read another article to know that consumers are no longer passive audiences, or that brands no longer have the control. We also know that we need consumers to notice us in the relevant moment. By understanding predictable patterns, we can make sure we place communication in the most relevant places, and in the most relevant times.

But what good is a message at the right time or the right place if the consumer doesn’t notice it? That’s where the second challenge comes in – how do we connect with our consumer if we don’t understand them? If the consumer is in the driving seat, we have to make sure we get them to stop and look up. We need to understand what drives consumers both consciously and sub-consciously if we want to stand a chance of influencing their behaviour.

We need to immerse ourselves in consumer behaviour in order to gain true understanding. We need to let go of assumptions and stereotypes and start to observe the different communities around us. Like-mindedness is not created by the demographics that we happen to fall in but rather by a number of factors that we input – our culture, our interests, our attitudes to name just a few. These connections divide us into different communities, or micro-communities, and using this understanding in communication will create the connection needed to make your consumer stop and look up.

So let’s encourage big data – but make sure that it doesn’t get collected and then sit gathering dust. Analyse, interpret and apply it – it has to add value to everything that we do. But we shouldn’t stop there, we need to look up and start to understand the people behind the target audience definition, understand the communities that form around like-mindedness, understand cultural similarities and differences, and become experts in human behaviour.

And so I come back to the quote that I opened with – if you want to make an impact, make sure that you are one of those few that really understand the consumer. “Understanding is deeper than knowledge. There are many people who know you but very few understand you.”

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Good times at Emerald’s 20th birthday bash!

Good weather, good friends, good entertainment and good times as over 6000 visitors attended Emerald Resort & Casino’s 20th birthday celebration and annual Family Fun Day this last weekend.Emerald Resort & Casino was particularly excited to share this day of celebration with all their guests, friends and family as they turned 20, and what a day to celebrate – over a long weekend and South Africa’s Heritage Day.“What a day!” says Emerald Resort & Casino’s Marketing Executive Tanuja Gangabishun. “The Resort management promised plenty of outdoor fun under the sun and I must say, and I think that the public will concur, that they did a stellar job and more than delivered on the promise.

We loved seeing families making their way to the Resort to celebrate with us. The kids in particular loved Lollos and the dress up characters while Die Campbells and DJ Ossewa were a definite crowd pleaser.”The variety of food and beverage stalls filled to the brim with mouth-watering cuisine, attracted many favourable comments from visitors and the lamb potjies, boerewors rolls, topside spit braai and chicken went down with great gusto. The kids and the ‘kids-at-heart’, of course, made a bee-line to the dedicated ice-cream area which, thanks to the great weather, was a huge hit throughout the day.

“As part of the celebrations, and thank you to our sponsors and partners 90.6fm, Camp Master and Super SE Events, we also gave away cooler boxes, tents, toys, games, caps and frisbees.

We look forward to this annual Family Fun Day next year and considering that we’ll be a ‘young’ 21 too, certainly will make it a memorable event,” concludes Gangabishun. “We would like to thank all our guests, fans, family members and Emerald team members for their on-going support and here’s to many more years of adventure!”For up to date information and happenings at Emerald Resort & Casino, visitors are encouraged to stay close to their Facebook and Twitter pages, or guests can visit for more information on any of the events mentioned here.

Emerald Resort & Casino.

Tel:                              016 982 8000





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Data fusion launches!

The PRC (Publisher Research Council) and Nielsen’s first fused dataset, comprising PAMS (Publisher Audience Measurement Survey) and CPS (Consumer Panel Survey) will be launched this month on Wednesday 26 September in Johannesburg and Friday 28 September in Cape Town.

 #Fusion2018, the newly fused PRC PAMS and Nielsen CPS data is an exciting innovation in South Africa’s consumer and media landscape, providing vital consumption data for manufacturers, media agencies and publishers.“In addition to the actual launch, we’re excited to announce that Jonathon Wells, Senior VP at Nielsen Watch, will be the guest speaker at the Jo’burg launch,” says Peter Langschmidt, consultant to the PRC. “He will provide insights into this internationally accepted method of research and our fused dataset of almost 200 consumer goods categories and more than 3 000 brands that includes the PAMS retail, mobile, automotive and banking branded data.”

Wells leads the Data Science team that supports Nielsen’s International Watch Business. He focuses on the design, delivery and support of the measurement solutions that underpin Nielsen’s Total Audience strategy across markets around the world.

Johannesburg Fusion Launch

Date:   26 September 2018

Time:   09h00 for 09h30

Venue: Bryanston Country Club


Cape Town Fusion Launch

Date:   28 September 2018

Time:   09h00 for 09h30

Venue: One&Only Cape Town


“We look forward to sharing this dataset and seeing all of our industry colleagues at the launch,” concludes Langschmidt.

PAMS documentation and all Media Software bureaus where the fused data will be available can be found on the PRC website at

For additional information and more in-depth data of titles, please make use of the PRC’s website or contact the PRC on 011 326 4041.

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AdColony wins big at The MOST Awards!

AdColony South Africa, one of Nfinity Media’s investments, has been named Overall Media Owner of the Year and Digital Media Owner of the Year at the 2018 MOST Awards. AdColony SA’s Head of Sales Mike van Tonder was also named Rising Star of the Year in the media owner category.

Globally, the company is one of the largest video advertising platforms with a reach of more than 1.5 billion users.

Known for its unparalleled third party verified viewability rates, exclusive Instant-Play™ HD video technology and proprietary rich media formats, AdColony is passionate about helping brands connect with consumers at scale on the most important screen in their lives.

Managing Director Andrew Kramer says: “What a wonderful achievement. I really want to highlight the dedication of this amazing group of great people that we get to work with every day. Thanks team for embracing our great challenger brand and for sticking with it no matter what. Thank you to all our agency partners for the support and for voting for us.”

Ken Varejes, CEO of Nfinity Media adds: “What Andrew and his team have achieved in the video advertising space over the last few years has been incredible. These awards are testament to their on-going dedication to excellence for our advertisers and media agency partners.”

Nfinity DNA

Headed by entrepreneur Ken Varejes as CEO, Nfinity is the latest innovation hub to land in the media, marketing and eventing fields. Nfinity is poised as a space for entrepreneurs to grow and better their businesses under the guidance of Ken and his growing management team, each a specialist in their own field. Nfinity currently has established shareholding and presence in the following companies: AdColony, theSALT, Whisky Live, Whizzky App, Orange Block, MediaPop, theIntern-Ship, Brand a Tuk Tuk and Nfinity Digital.

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Emerald brings the best Craft Beer

‘Emerald on Tap’, on 29 September at the Emerald Arena, celebrates craft beer, gin, wine and cocktails. Look forward to a variety of drinks on tap, live entertainment and appetising food items.This one day showcase and tasting extravaganza of eight craft breweries producing 30 different beers is a great opportunity for beer connoisseurs and those that would like to experience something a little less mainstream from the craft breweries across South Africa.

According to Leolize Naidoo, Emerald Resort & Casino’s Events & Entertainment Manager,  “It’s not only the lesser known different craft beers that visitors will have access to, but great food on sale as well as gins, wines and cocktails too, while live performances will keep everyone entertained.”

The growth of the craft beer industry worldwide, as well as here in South Africa, has been a real gain for beer lovers, bringing with it a whole host of new styles to discover and opportunities for experimentation.

“We are always on the lookout to promote tourism in the Vaal area, we are convinced that this will encourage additional visitors to the area,” concludes Leolize.

Tickets are R80 and includes a branded beer glass.

Venue:             Emerald Resort & Casino
Date:               Saturday, 29 September 2018

Time:               10h00 to 22h00
Tickets:           R80 through Computicket

To view Resort promotions, events and more, visitors to Emerald Resort & Casino are encouraged to stay close to the Resort’s Facebook and Twitter pages, or guests can visit for more information.

Emerald Resort & Casino is a licensed gambling venue. Winners know when to stop. Only persons over 18 are permitted to gamble. National Problem Gambling Counselling Toll Free Helpline 0800 006 008.

Emerald Resort & Casino.

Tel:                              016 982 8000





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SPARK Media wins at Most 2018

SPARK Media has won the highly competitive newspaper category at The 2018 MOST Awards.

“This has been a complete team effort and we’re extremely excited to have been declared the winners of the newspaper category,” says Gill Randall, Joint CEO of SPARK Media. “We’re extremely happy that our firm belief in revolutionary, evidence-based marketing principles are paying off.

Well done and congratulations too to all the evening’s winners and to Sandra Gordon and her team for putting together a magnificent award evening and congratulations on hosting a decade of the MOST Awards! We look forward to celebrating many more.”

For more on SPARK Media, visit our website and follow us on social media @sparkmediasa.


Established in 2015, SPARK Media, a division of CTP Ltd, are experts in retail and location based marketing solutions. The company owns and represents a myriad of print and digital products that deliver locally relevant, effective audiences for advertising clients. SPARK Media are Strategic Partners in Audience Research and Knowledge and offer ‘Insights that Ignite’.

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The MediaShop wins Media Agency of the Year and Decade!

At this year’s tenth anniversary of The MOST Awards, The MediaShop was crowned the inaugural Media Agency of the Decade, Full Service Media Agency of the Year and Overall Media Agency of the Year.

 “The MediaShop’s 30th birthday year is turning out to be pretty incredible, this is really the perfect icing on the cake of what is proving to be a remarkable 2018,” says Kgaugelo Maphai, Managing Director of The MediaShop Johannesburg.

“Winning Media Agency of the Decade is absolutely incredible and testament to the continuous innovative nature of every team member. We understand that to stay relevant we need to constantly adapt, and we have some very exciting developments on the cards along this vein which we’ll announce soon.”

These awards are hot on the heels of The MediaShop being awarded a Gold Loerie for Nando’s #rightmyname campaign in the Media Innovation category.

“On behalf of the Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban management teams we’d like to extend our thanks to every staff member who lives our pioneering ethos every day, our clients and media owner partners that have been with us every step of this incredible journey.”

For more on The MediaShop visit, like them on Facebook: The MediaShop, follow them on Twitter @MediaShopZA or LinkedIn.

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Tickets available for #AMASAAwards2018

Calling all media magicians! BUY TICKETS NOW for the highly anticipated AMASA 2018 Gala awards & dinner now to avoid disappointment. To add to the magic of this year’s event, AMASA AWARDS will be presenting the first AMASA AGENCY OF THE YEAR AWARD, honouring the highest scoring agency assessed by a panel of industry experts.

GALA TICKETS – 10 October 2018 at the Hilton in Sandton, email or to secure your tickets. When sending through the request can you include all attendees names and email addresses, if possible also include any dietary requirements.

AWARDS SPONSORSHIPS – these are selling fast but there is still a chance to get involved in sponsorship opportunities and have your brand at the forefront of the media event of the year. See attached sponsorship packages and email your enquiry to or

AWARDS ENTRIES – For those of you who haven’t had a chance to enter your best work the deadline has been extended to midnight 14 September. No more extensions will be granted. Category outline can be found at

To add to the magic of this year’s event, AMASA AWARDS will be presenting the first AMASA AGENCY OF THE YEAR AWARD, honouring the highest scoring agency assessed by a panel of industry experts.

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