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No matter the reading platform – quality content is key to advertising success

In on-going, large sample studies over the past two years, London based research company Lumen has conclusively proved that the actual viewing of, as opposed to potential exposure to adverts (no matter the reading platform of digital or print) leads to almost 9 times more sales.

Lumen is an attention technology company that uses eye tracking cameras to measure the actual visual engagement readers have with various media types1.  Just because consumers can see an ad, does not mean that they will look at it. Advertising typically gets looked at for very short periods of time – regardless of how much detail advertisers include.

“The technology is brilliant, and by using existing web cams in computers drastically reduces costs and eliminates the biggest problem in all research, that of claimed vs. actual behaviour,” says Peter Langschmidt, Research Consultant to the PRC (Publisher Research Council). The software passively monitors the respondent’s web browsing as well as eye movement on every page and plots a ‘heat map’ of whatever content and advertising is being viewed.”

While print adverts are more viewable and achieve longer dwell times than their online counterparts, this is not the entire story, as quality content plays an important role as well.

There are wide variations in how different media perform,  some sites and ad formats perform far better than others. The best sites do a much better job of delivering attention for advertisers than the average, with as much as 56% of viewable impressions being noticed. In fact, on average, ads on Newsbrand platforms are almost twice as likely to be seen than those on other websites, and they achieve longer dwell times.

Alignment between the advertising and the content also helps facilitate ad attention. This contextual relevance matters! Experimental studies have found that placing ads in a contextually relevant environment can boost attention dramatically. Testing shows just how much context matters,  as ads placed within the right context get 692 times more attention than those simply placed in any environment.

The fundamental to any advertising message working is first, actually seeing the advert and secondly, dwell time that allows for cognition to impart the message. The longer consumers look at ads, the more likely they are to remember the message and act upon it.

Anyone who has ever studied for an exam or test, knows that reading is the best way to learn, and that the longer one studies the more familiar one becomes with the course material.

Does this also apply to advertising and brand recall? Well there’s a simple way to find out. Just like exams we can simply ask respondents to do a prompted advertising recall test.

These results, gleaned from many studies over several years, conclusively prove the theory of dwell times precisely linking back to recall.

The final, and most important step that advertising must accomplish is to encourage purchase, for it is here that the advertiser receives their Return on Investment (ROI). To complete the purchase journey and prove this, Lumen installed their eye-tracking technology onto a sub sample of an existing FMCG consumer panel belonging to Nectar in the UK.

By linking the initial online advertising interaction of the panel with their subsequent offline shopping behaviour, we can see the dramatic effect that actual viewing of advertising has.

As can be seen, across these 10 Nectar brands, the average upliftment of sales during the campaign was 2%, but amongst those who actually looked at the advert this was 8.5 times more at 17%.

Media planning is traditionally based on possible exposure, an opportunity to see, but this metric is becoming more and more irrelevant, because if consumers don’t even view an advert, how can it possibly change behaviour? With this new measure we can track the difference in sales between those who actually looked at the advert and those who did not.

 The Lumen data shows that the best ad inventory facilitates communication with consumers when they are in the right mood to be receptive to advertising messages, and then creates the time and space to enable advertisers to get their messages across.

“This is dynamite,” concludes Langschmidt. “Until now we have been unable to measure actual viewed impressions.

To summarise, no matter the reading platform, to maximise advertising exposure, the advert must firstly be seen for a period of time. Different platforms perform differently, the media environment affects a reader’s attention and finally, context matters.”

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101 bigger and better Slots at Emerald!

Just in time for the festive season, Emerald Resort & Casino will be unveiling the latest in international slots technology as 101 new slot machines are delivered and installed to the casino. “The Emerald Resort & Casino, will be the very first casino in South Africa to install these brand new i-Deluxe machines, all offering entertaining and innovative gameplay,” says Emerald Resort & Casino’s Marketing Executive Tanuja Gangabishun. “The roll out has already started and is due to be completed by mid-December 2017.”

To replace older products101 brand new slot machines have been sourced from four suppliers. These include Aruze, Scientific Games, IGT and Konami.

To whet the appetite, one offering, the IGT CrystalSlantTM 32 Gaming Machine contains industry-leading hardware advancements, best-in-class software,  unmatched reliability and serviceability all combined to create the next-generation slant cabinet, while the Fu Gui Ji Li™ Video Slots contains an Asian-inspired theme for players that enjoy gameplay with a light entertainment focus.

All gaming sections, including the Privé, non-smoking and smoking sections within the casino will receive these top of the range slot machines.

To mark and celebrate this iconic event at the Resort with its customers, Emerald Resort & Casino will be running competitions until the end of December. Prizes comprise of two main packages each worth over R10 000 that includes a VIP two night stay for two at the luxurious Leopard Bush Lodge, meal vouchers, gaming vouchers, Animal World and Aquadome entrance, not to mention game drives. For additional information, listen to local community station VCR between 6AM and 6PM.

“We’re delighted to be amongst the first casinos in South Africa to bring these best-in-class gaming experiences to our loyal customers,” concludes Tanuja. “Join us in the Vaal for adventure and the very best in entertainment and gaming this festive season.”

From high stakes tables to progressive jackpots, the Resort’s lively and extensive casino offers 23 prestigious Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat tables alongside more than 450 Slots of which 101 now contain the latest technology.

Joining Emerald Rewards is absolutely free and is open to persons from 18 years of age and older, with three tiers of cards, namely Green, Gold and Diamond. Tier progression is based on points earned on slots and tables.

To view these and other casino promotions, events and more, visitors to the casino are encouraged to stay close to their Facebook and Twitter pages, or guests can visit for more information on any of the casino promotions mentioned here.

Emerald Resort & Casino is a licensed gambling venue. Winners know when to stop. Only persons over 18 are permitted to gamble. National Problem Gambling Counselling Toll Free Helpline 0800 006 008.

Emerald Resort & Casino.

Tel:                              016 982 8000






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Fun, feasting and fantastic entertainment at Emerald!

Emerald Resort & Casino has released a jam packed festive season programme to delight adults and kids this December! Paintball tournaments, mouth-watering festive fare and the best musical entertainment in town is the order of the month!  “Some of our most anticipated events include welcoming gorgeous award winning songstress Lira back to Emerald Resort & Casino to perform for us on the 15th December and arguably the most prominent electronic music producer in Africa, record producer and DJ, Black Coffee together with supporting acts that include Classic Tank on the 23rd December,” says Emerald Resort & Casino’s Marketing Executive Tanuja Gangabishun.

The Hotel is offering a special accommodation deal of R1500 for two guests per night including breakfast over the 22nd and 23rd December. Quote ‘Black Coffee’ when making this booking to qualify for the reduced rate.

“As always kids are spoiled for choice this December. Aquadome, Animal World, Pins Ten Pin Bowling, wall climbing and a host of regular entertainment activities remain available throughout the festive season. “The Paintball Championship, creating a lot of excitement last year, is back between the 7th to 10th December at Aquadome as is our Beach Sports offering,” says Tanuja.

“And forget about cooking lunch or dinner this Christmas, leave it to us. We have multiple Christmas lunch and dinner options for the whole family at our restaurants Ubuntu Buffet, High Stakes and Breeze. How does roast turkey with sage stuffing, glazed smoked gammon with apricot, pumpkin pie with orange cream, and sticky toffee pudding with brandy custard sound?

We also have turkey and bacon terrine, beef fillet roll-ups, roasted lamb shanks, a seafood tower, South African favourite malva pudding with homemade ice cream, fresh fruit platter, and so much more on offer.

Over the 30th and 31st December our gaming customers can enjoy a top-notch DJ to see out 2017 while a live marimba band will entertain guests in the Piazza area. The 31st December has been themed ‘beach party’ and we encourage our guests to dress the part.

In closing I’d like to pass sincere thanks to each and every one of our guests and team members for making 2017 the fantastic year that it was. We wish all our customers and their families and blessed Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing you all around the property during the holidays!”

Information on all activities and specials mentioned can be found on

Emerald Resort & Casino.

Tel:                              016 982 8000





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Anyone for some Black Coffee in the DJ box?

Be entertained by arguably the most prominent electronic music producer in Africa, record producer and DJ, Black Coffee! He, together with DA Capo, IAMPH, Langa, ably supported by Vaal’s finest Classic Tank, 016 Banger Boyz and DJ Crocks, will be performing at Emerald Resort & Casino’s ‘Ibiza to Vaal’ on 23 December 2017. “What a line-up!” says Leolize Naidoo, Emerald Resort & Casino’s Events & Entertainment Manager. “Many of our loyal patrons have informed us, largely because of the state of the economy, that they will be spending the festive season at home. Because of this we have more than one ‘big name’ performing at the Resort this December.”

Over the years Black Coffee has been awarded numerous awards which includes amongst others SAMA Best Urban Dance Album, SAMA Best Male Artist, Sunday Times Generation Next Award for Coolest DJ (multiple times) and most recently in 2017, for two consecutive years, DJ Awards Best Deep House DJ.

Emerald Resort & Casino brings the best of South African music and performers to the Vaal. Past performers have included the likes of Thandiswa Mazwai, The Soil, Nathi Mankayi, Vusi Nova and Zonke to mention a few.

“Not to mention all the events and activities lined up at Emerald Resort & Casino these holidays, but fans are in for a treat this festive season as we bring popular, big name artists to the Vaal to entertain our guests,” says Leolize.

Tickets range from R200 to R500 (Golden Circle) per person. Golden Circle includes a welcome drink, raised seated area with dedicated restroom area, access to bottles only bar and waiter service. Available from Computicket

DJ Black Coffee at Emerald Resort & Casino:

Venue:             Aquadome Lawn Area

Date:               23 December 2017

Time:               19h00 (Doors open at 18h00)

For up to date information on these events and more, visitors to the Resort are encouraged to stay close to their Facebook and Twitter pages, or guests can visit for more information on any of the events mentioned here.

Emerald Resort & Casino.

Tel:                              016 982 8000



Twitter:                        @emerald_resort


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What really gets a magazine noticed on the shelf?

In today’s fast-paced, time-poor world, it’s heartening to know that a magazine’s coverlines trump the cover image when it comes to purchasing choice. Research recently conducted by Caxton Magazines shows that more than half of magazine buyers cite coverlines as their top criteria in choosing which magazine to buy, followed by cover image, then price and free samples.The research was done through Caxton Magazines’ audience panel, PULSE, powered by the Opinion Solutions mobile app technology, which allows Caxton Magazines to be at the forefront of exploratory research approaches and tools in order to get closer to their readers’ thoughts and views.

The app, through real-time data, is used to better understand aspects and the role that magazines play in readers’ lives. The predominantly female reader panel of about 2 000 members are primarily in the 25–49 age group. Caxton Magazines has used the PULSE tool to determine what the important factors are in getting noticed on shelf and what readers look for – with some surprising results!

The objectives of the research were to determine the overall ‘interest value’ of the magazine brands; test the attractiveness of the cover based on identified key components; discover motivations for reading a specific magazine and examine both location and time spent reading.

The study was designed and overseen by Professor Therese Roux, HOD of the Marketing faculty at Tshwane University of Technology, in partnership with Opinion Solutions

“It was clear that consumers don’t think they judge a magazine purely by its cover, but rather consider a range of factors before making a purchase,” says Caxton Magazines’ General Manager Anton Botes. “The resulting information has affirmed that our editorial content is very much in line with what our readers enjoy and expect from us.

“We did however make a few tweaks around positioning of key cover lines.”

The highlights of the research indicated that 44% to 69% of readers rated editorial features as the main reason they buy magazines. Between 11% and 22% of respondents said that the cover was most important to them while 10-19% said price was the overriding factor. Another 12-15% said that free samples and products would sway them to buy.

“While this shows that the cover page – in the minds of readers – contributes less than other variables across all titles, it’s by no means any less important because the cover is, of course, the first visual contact to cue the brand for the consumer,” adds Botes. “Using this knowledge ensures that we’re always refining our offering to keep pace with changing reader needs.

“It’s heartening to see that Caxton Magazines’ main coverlines and other sub headings featured on the cover are rated highly amongst our readers. In fact, across all categories explored, our magazines are considered easily recognisable on shelf and highly appealing.”

There are many tools in the market that both media agencies and brand teams use to determine reach, frequencies and impact, however, this qualitative, real-time data from the panel goes beyond the metrics and can assist with getting to the nub of consumers’ reasoning at the time.

“Our PULSE reader panel allows us to communicate directly with a large sample quickly, efficiently and in real time to determine how they feel about certain aspects of their lives and our magazines.”

Botes concludes, “Whether it’s a larger project like our cover research or a quick and immediate call to action, like ‘take a picture of the jewellery that you are wearing right now’, or ‘how does Valentine’s Day make you feel?’ it’s the ideal research platform, and it’s also available to our advertising partners to make use of.”

Feel free to make contact with Caxton Magazines for further insights or discussions regarding the use of the application as a qualitative research tool that brands and advertisers can use to gain real-time data into the lives and headspace of consumers.

Caxton Magazines DNA

Storytelling is our business. Content is our currency. Caxton Magazines is a subsidiary of Caxton CTP Printers & Publishers and houses 12 brands in print and digital formats, primarily aimed at the women’s lifestyle segment across life stages, lifestyles and income groups. These brands are: Vrouekeur; Woman & Home; Bona; Living & Loving; People; Food & Home Entertaining; Your Family; Garden & Home; Farmer’s Weekly; Essentials; Rooi Rose and SA Country Life. Visit


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theSALT, adding influencer driven marketing to traditional advertising

theSALT literally drives influencer marketing! This includes word of mouth conversations, social media engagements, networking outreach, creating real brand engagement and increasing bottom line results.

What started out as a humble vehicle branding business has become one of the top go-to media owners specialising in 360° influencer marketing. theSALT is just one of the many innovative companies that fall under the umbrella of Nfinity, an established innovation hub headed by entrepreneur, Ken Varejes.

Brands are no longer about what marketers tell consumers they are. A brand’s value is simply what consumers tell each other in terms of their personal experiences and how they influence each other through word of mouth and word of mouse conversations. In fact, 92% of consumers say that they trust earned media. Influencer marketing uses individuals who can persuade potential customers or groups of customers. Social media has amplified the reach of influencers and shifted the balance of power from brands to the customer.Pieter Groenewald, CEO of theSALT, says that he has come a long way and learnt a lot about advertising since 2000. “Over the past five years or so we’ve grown this company from vehicle branding as to theSALT, and with it, our business focus towards influencer marketing.

Talking about the change of names, Pieter says: “We came to the realisation, after a few years of growth that brand messages to influencers and marketers differ greatly.  theSALT was born and today this is where we market our offering to corporate South Africa and soon in a few new territories.

“We’ve achieved amazing results for brands through our brand ambassadors spreading the brand’s good news story!” confirms Pieter. “Successful engagement is no longer about talking TO your customers, but rather it’s all about talking WITH them.”“Through theSALT we’ve learnt a lot by doing amazing campaigns for our clients,” says Nfinity’s CEO, Ken Varejes. “What we’ve come up with, using everyday brand fans, is the resulting advertising platform and how we do it is unique in the world. Our intention and next step forward will be international expansion! The process has already begun in two new territories.”

“theSALT is about everyday consumers – ordinary people who command a platform and have a voice that holds sway over an audience,” concludes Pieter. “You don’t always have to have salt in your food, but you definitely know when it’s missing”

To find out more about Influencer Marketing or how to become an influencer, have a look at theSALT’s website:



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The MediaShop retains Famous Brands

Incumbent media agency for Famous Brands, The MediaShop, has retained Africa’s largest branded food service franchisor account after a hotly contested pitch process was concluded.

“The MediaShop initially won the Famous Brands business in 2011 and we are grateful that our strategic thinking and unique consumer insights in both traditional and digital media gave us the edge during the vigorous pitch process, resulting in us retaining the account,” says The MediaShop Johannesburg’s MD, Kgaugelo Maphai. “In the past, our team achieved some great milestones, including winning a Roger Garlick Gold award for Wimpy’s Twitter takeover on Joburg radio station 94.7 and a Roger Garlick finalist nomination for Mugg & Bean’s Cupcake Wall in the Cupcakes for Kids with Cancer campaign.

We thank Famous Brands for their continued trust in us and have no doubt that we’ll continue to work together to elevate each of their brands.”

Business Unit Manager on the account Jedd Cokayne adds: “This category is exceptionally competitive but we’ve used the correct media cleverly to remain top of mind, with digital playing a pivotal role in engaging and building relationships with our consumers.

Stringent environment parameters have ensured we reach our target market effectively and efficiently. We’re absolutely thrilled to have retained this account and look forward to achieving bigger and better things together over the next few years.”

The Famous Brands company houses iconic South African favourites like Steers, Debonairs, Wimpy, Mugg & Bean, Fishaways, Tashas, Salsa Mexican Grill, Turn ‘n Tender and many more.

Linda Sinclair, Chief Marketing Officer at Famous Brands adds: “We are extremely confident and excited about the next stage of our partnership with The MediaShop. Once again, they have certainly demonstrated that they are the right agency to take our brands to new heights in this very competitive market.  The media landscape is rapidly evolving and we believe that, in The MediaShop, we have a partner that is at the forefront of the media industry and that the agency has an understanding of consumer media trends.”

For more on The MediaShop visit, like them on Facebook: The MediaShop, follow them on Twitter @MediaShopZA or LinkedIn.

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