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theSALT, adding influencer driven marketing to traditional advertising

theSALT literally drives influencer marketing! This includes word of mouth conversations, social media engagements, networking outreach, creating real brand engagement and increasing bottom line results.

What started out as a humble vehicle branding business has become one of the top go-to media owners specialising in 360° influencer marketing. theSALT is just one of the many innovative companies that fall under the umbrella of Nfinity, an established innovation hub headed by entrepreneur, Ken Varejes.

Brands are no longer about what marketers tell consumers they are. A brand’s value is simply what consumers tell each other in terms of their personal experiences and how they influence each other through word of mouth and word of mouse conversations. In fact, 92% of consumers say that they trust earned media. Influencer marketing uses individuals who can persuade potential customers or groups of customers. Social media has amplified the reach of influencers and shifted the balance of power from brands to the customer.Pieter Groenewald, CEO of theSALT, says that he has come a long way and learnt a lot about advertising since 2000. “Over the past five years or so we’ve grown this company from vehicle branding as to theSALT, and with it, our business focus towards influencer marketing.

Talking about the change of names, Pieter says: “We came to the realisation, after a few years of growth that brand messages to influencers and marketers differ greatly.  theSALT was born and today this is where we market our offering to corporate South Africa and soon in a few new territories.

“We’ve achieved amazing results for brands through our brand ambassadors spreading the brand’s good news story!” confirms Pieter. “Successful engagement is no longer about talking TO your customers, but rather it’s all about talking WITH them.”“Through theSALT we’ve learnt a lot by doing amazing campaigns for our clients,” says Nfinity’s CEO, Ken Varejes. “What we’ve come up with, using everyday brand fans, is the resulting advertising platform and how we do it is unique in the world. Our intention and next step forward will be international expansion! The process has already begun in two new territories.”

“theSALT is about everyday consumers – ordinary people who command a platform and have a voice that holds sway over an audience,” concludes Pieter. “You don’t always have to have salt in your food, but you definitely know when it’s missing”

To find out more about Influencer Marketing or how to become an influencer, have a look at theSALT’s website:



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