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Meta Media makes first crucial appointment

Chris Botha, Group Managing Director of Park Advertising has announced Kagiso Musi as Managing Director of newly formed media agency Meta Media.

 Musi brings an abundance of aptitude and two decades’ worth of business, marketing and communications experience. She also recently completed her MBA. This multifaceted combination of experience allows her to strategically approach business opportunities and solve problems and challenges more holistically.

“As an experienced marketing and communications executive who has deep operational and management experience, Kagiso brings a wealth of diverse knowledge and skill to our newly created media agency,” says Chris. “Additionally she has been an active member on many boards including amongst others, Wunderman, MSG Afrika Group and The Jupiter Drawing Room.”

“The rapidly changing media landscape and sophistication of audiences is an exciting space for me,” adds Musi. “The opportunity to balance traditional approaches with the growth in connected devices and omni-channel media behaviour is a challenge I look forward to, together with the formidable clients and teams I will be leading and working with.”

“We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Kagiso to this remarkable industry that we love so much and know that she will be a great fit for Meta Media and take this burgeoning agency confidently into the future and to new heights,” concludes Chris.

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Make lasting impressions this Valentine’s Month

It’s all about Cupid, love and romance this coming Valentine’s Month at Emerald Resort & Casino. “Besides the Valentine’s Outdoor Movie, Ghost, being shown on 9 February, we’re confident that love and romance will be found at the Resort throughout February this coming Valentine’s Month,” says Emerald Resort & Casino’s Marketing Executive Tanuja Gangabishun. “Whether it’s a passionate dinner at High Stakes or something a little different like taking a romantic meander through Animal World at night, visitors to Emerald will be making lasting memories.”

On Valentine’s Day, High Stakes will be hosting a special elegant three-course set menu that includes a bottle of bubbly. Just picture the selection of dessert; Valentine’s Strawberry Entremets or Lover’s Strawberry Trifle. Bookings are essential: 016 982 8643 or email Please note that High Stakes is a no under-18s venue.

If you’re looking for something different to do, and if you’d like to know what the animals get up to when the sun goes down, Emerald is hosting a romantic evening walk on the 14th February that will definitely make a lasting impression on anyone’s Valentine! Guests are invited to take a loving amble down lover’s lane at the Resort’s popular family destination Animal World that only opens at night under exceptional circumstances. See the nocturnal side of wolves, chinchillas, raccoons and many more.

“We love spoiling our guests and options abound for those that want to make a real impression on their loved ones,” concludes Tanuja. “Why not turn the evening into a romantic getaway? We’ve got great accommodation deals to make it happen”

For up to date information and happenings at Emerald Resort & Casino, visitors are encouraged to stay close to their Facebook and Twitter pages, or guests can visit for more information on any of the events mentioned here.

Emerald Resort & Casino.

Tel:                              016 982 8000





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Look for the positivity throughout 2019…

Gareth Grant, Business Unit Director at The MediaShop challenges us to lose negativity

And just like that it’s 2019! The festive season decorations have been packed away and the Easter eggs have already found a new home on the impulse purchase shelves, making resolutions for the New Year that much harder to adhere to. But with this change comes the opportunity to stop, take stock of the year that was and focus on what the New Year has to offer.

Let’s face it, 2018 was a tough year. We continued to hear about Brexit. Trump added a few rungs to his soap box, and here at home the petrol price skyrocketed like the popularity of BTS (have a look on YouTube, those numbers are real…). Who knows, 2019 could follow a similar pattern. However, my outlook is going to be one of positivity, as opposed to the opposite. I want to change the narrative, even if just for myself. You should give it a try!

They say that positivity breeds productivity, and I am a firm believer in that. You just have to read about what some of the country’s pioneers and thought leaders have to say about being positive versus being negative. Take Adrian Gore for example. At last year’s Discovery Summit he spoke about how eliminating negativity would help reverse the downward spiral of the economy.

Let’s think about that for a second – eliminating negativity could impact the economy, not just of one’s daily outlook on life, but something as significant as our economy that has struggled over the past few years! If that kind of thinking and outlook can have a positive effect on something as big as a country’s economy, then surely it would have the same effect on how you go about tackling 2019?

Yes, these are words that have been written down on paper, easier said than done. But is it? Like in sport, you can only score if you know where the goals are, and the same can be said for life. Set yourself some goals if you want to score, and don’t wait until January 2020 to track your progress. Set some personal milestone check-ins. This will allow you to review and course correct throughout the year, ensuring that you have an excellent 2019 with a lot of mini wins, so to speak.

I have got my year jotted down with what I want to achieve from a personal, career, health and fitness, as well a travel point of view, changing the narrative to a very positive outlook for 2019 for myself. What is your year going to look like?

I have no doubt that 2019 is going to be filled with a lot of opportunity, but it is up to you to grab it with both hands! Here’s to a great POSITIVE 2019 for us all!

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LNN is South Africa’s 5th largest online news audience

Caxton’s Local News Network (LNN) platform, has been verified by the IAB Measurement Council as the 5th largest news audience in South Africa, with 2.8 million unduplicated unique browsers and over 8.8 million page views per month*.

 The Caxton news network has over 250 journalists on the ground bringing readers credible, trustworthy, breaking news.  LNN comprises 82 local news websites which offer community driven articles, advertorials, lifestyle and promotional content in a contextually relevant environment.

“LNN is such a powerful platform, which offers many exposure opportunities for clients,” says Marc du Plessis, joint CEO at SPARK Media. “Through our data pool and high reach on the LNN platform, we can create the perfect campaign for brands and continue to offer insights that help deliver on advertising campaign objectives.”

Additionally, the LNN platform has over 1.6 million unduplicated followers across its social media pages, engaging readers in an authentic, credible way.

“With over 9300 articles published per month across the platform, the array of content is vast and current, making LNN a unique, high reaching solution for advertisers,” states du Plessis.  “Together with our local newspapers, LNN offers the largest hyper local news source in South Africa in print and online. That’s a pretty incredible promise we are proud to offer clients.”

For even more on SPARK Media, visit the website and follow them on social media @sparkmediasa.

*Narratiive – October 2018

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Get closer this Valentine’s Month

Love is in the air this coming Valentine’s Month at Emerald Resort & Casino’s Outdoor Movie Night as the Resort screens one of the best loved, most ageless love movies ever, Ghost, on Saturday, 9 February 2019.

“It’s the perfect opportunity to spoil and surprise your better half,” says Leolize Naidoo, Emerald Resort & Casino’s Events & Entertainment Manager. “Snuggle up to each other on a blanket under the stars as you watch Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg in the 1990 Academy Award and Golden Globe winning film – Ghost.”

Who can forget the truly memorable song by The Righteous Brothers, Unchained Melody that was nominated for a Best Original Score Academy Award. Remember the lyrics?

Oh, my love, my darling

I’ve hungered for your touch

A long, lonely time

Time goes by so slowly

And time can do so much

Are you still mine?

I need your love

I need your love

God speed your love to me

Venue:             Emerald Resort & Casino, Hotel Lawns

Date:               Saturday, 9 February 2019

Time:               20h00


General: R80pp – unfortunately no under 18s.

Bring your own picnic blanket and camp chairs to this beloved timeless screening that is sure to capture everyone’s hearts all over again. Why not take the evening to the next level? Picnic hampers, bursting with goodies that serve two, are available from the Resort with various platters on offer like Mini Cheese, Cold Meat, Mini Baguette, Mini Snack or even a Movie Night Popcorn bowl that includes all the essential confections to charm your loved one.“Food stalls will be in operation during the evening to satisfy all hunger cravings,” concludes Naidoo. “We look forward to seeing everyone at our special Valentine’s Outdoor Movie Night and throughout the month of February when our guests can enjoy an incredibly romantic dinner offer at High Stakes or a gorgeous evening walk through our Animal World facilities – all details can be found on our website or Facebook page.”

For up to date information and happenings at Emerald Resort & Casino, visitors are encouraged to stay close to their Facebook and Twitter pages, or guests can visit for more information on any of the events mentioned here.

Emerald Resort & Casino.

Tel:                              016 982 8000





Why the wall?

Chris Botha, Group Managing Director of Park Advertising says that the future will be built by Wall Breakers, not Builders

There is something about Donald Trump that I admire. I don’t agree with some of his political views but what the man has done for social media and entertainment around the US Presidency, is well, unprecedented.

One of the promises he built his initial campaign on was the infamous “The Wall” between the USA and Mexico. Recently, the narrative around this topic has increased. Just a few days ago he tweeted this beauty which had the more liberal amongst us in hysterics.

Our world seems to be filled with two types of people. Wall Builders and Wall Breakers – and opinions are stronger than ever before. The battle for ultimate segregation or integration is more fervent than ever.

The communications industry is no different. It’s filled with people hell bent on separating themselves, and others integrating themselves.

Let’s start by looking at Wall Breakers.

Wall Breakers in the communications industry are agencies integrating more and more services into their repertoire. Want an ad? We can do it. Want a website? We can do it. Want your shoelaces tied? We can do it. Need a frontal lobotomy? We know a guy. I really do believe the future agency will be modelled on this. A real one stop shop for clients, as long as it doesn’t lose the speciality skill.

Wall Breakers have realised that to offer clients only a small portion of the services they are after is limiting. From a business perspective, you lose the opportunity to integrate your services, and let’s face it, to make more money. The big danger they face is to become a “Jack of all Trades and Master of None”. The Wall Breakers who get to keep excellent skills in specialist divisions will be the ones to win the big game.

Then there are Wall Builders.

In some cases masquerading as “specialists”. I was recently told of a new media agency that only specialises in TV planning. Not strategy. Not buying. TV planning only. They’ve built a wall around themselves, and only do one thing. Apparently really well, but only one thing. Why does their future need to be limited? These are Wall Builders of the ultimate kind, who I don’t believe will last long.

Then of course there are the Wall Builders who believe that the client should have no direct contact with the media owners? How ridiculous! Media owners know more about their media type than anyone else, and have a better understanding of their viewer / reader / listener than anyone else would. So why build the wall? Let’s break it down.

Digital and Traditional media is of course another favourite. Whether you’re a client, copywriter, sales person or media planner, you cannot afford to build a wall around yourself. Walls need to be broken down, we need to learn, ask, and expose ourselves to as much knowledge as possible.

I am not sure whether President Trump will ever get that wall built. I hope not. It doesn’t solve the “problem” and it doesn’t advance his country. I hope in 2019 we all get our sledgehammers out, and start knocking down those walls.

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