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Emerald Resort & Casino keeps local girls in school

Young female students face great challenges in terms of hygiene and sanitation at school. To assist, and as part of its main Corporate Social Initiative (CSI) project, Emerald Resort & Casino will be supplying 600 school girls with a year’s supply of sanitary towels.

“Our support for this initiative is based on statistics. Many girls in South Africa will miss on average four days of school every month, which translates to over a month a year, purely as a result of not being able to afford necessities like sanitary towels,” says Tanuja Gangabishun, Marketing Executive at Emerald Resort & Casino. “This means that they could possibly fall behind in class or even dropout of school altogether.

Directors Peter Ponoane and Dan Senekwala with Emerald Resort & Casino’s Tanuja Gangabishun

The lack of feminine hygiene products is an added challenge to pre-existing problems that lead to the high dropout rate of female students in primary and secondary schools.”

To date over 250 sanitary packs have already been distributed to Batloung Intermediary School, Tshirela Primary School, Dr Nhlapo Intermediary School  and Vukuzakhe Primary School. During the course 2017, a further 350 will be distributed to schools in the local Vaal area.

“It is important for the positive growth of education and our future that these girls stay in school, receive a proper education and to make the most of every day,” concludes Tanuja.

Should any companies in the Vaal area wish to assist with extending this project even further, they are welcome to make contact with me!”

Emerald Resort & Casino.

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