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A blog about a blog

Yvette Gengan, Digital Media Manager at The MediaShop

If you are anything like me then blogging is no Friday night ‘Netflix and chill’ for you either. I over think the whole process. In fact, I pondered for days for a blog topic I felt had real purpose.

After a while, I realized that in my endless search I actually came across a handful of popular things to write about. These things are bound to be beneficial to someone out there who is also crawling online spaces for valuable topics. So in my attempt to save you from ever ending up in the deep dark holes of online searching, here are a few types of possible articles and topics that seem to be successful in the blogging space.

In no order of importance:

Politics! Oh the angles you could take. I mean this stuff literally writes itself. You could be serious, funny, meme driven or even more political (elections and all that) but just be prepared for some serious engagement and opinions. When I say load, you say shedding…

How-to guides – this is one of the highest search queries on Google. There is so much content and a lot of it offers so much value. This type of blog would work for most industries. Finance (how to plan), Banking (how to save), Media (how to spend all the money) – these are just some examples of where this type of blog could go.

Recipes – okay this one sent me into deep hunger and an hour and a half of video time… If you are lucky enough to ride the recipe wagon go for it. You can focus on health, different types of diets, grease (is it good, is it bad), POTATOES, and other equally important ingredients like BACON. It turns out Huffington Post has a whole section dedicated to bacon! Oh, the fun we could have.

Thank You, Next. Blogging about the personal stuff, and sharing things from your personal life in the form of storytelling would fall into this category. Now, being in digital media I have had to do my share of content calendars over the years and the one thing that was always a challenge for me was finding an emotional connection with an audience. It is hard and rare to find. Coca Cola and Nandos are examples of brands that have achieved this really well.

However, the focus is not just on big brands anymore but rather the smaller more personal brands. This would include people that have done exceptionally well in sharing their personal life with others online. Think sharing journeys of motherhood, fatherhood, cooking, baking, fitness, recovery, depression etc.

The main idea here is to evoke some sort of emotion. Joy, anger, sorrow, sympathy – it’s entirely up to you. Whatever the emotion chosen, make sure that it ‘gets people going’.

Reviews – this is the type of blog that I personally love. I value a review from a fellow neighbour, shopper, traveller, or driver. I think the important thing is ensuring you set yourself up as credible first, earn trust and credibility and then have at it. This is one of the biggest revenue streams for most bloggers and great for driving traffic to your blog.

Historic things – this came up a lot. I personally just love history. There is something so mysterious about a time and place or person that has lived and had so many memories before you. There are blogs dedicated to never before seen pictures, and about people never heard of before. My personal best are the weird types of practices that existed decades ago.

Travel – this one needs no explanation. There is so much material filled with beauty that evokes exhilaration for a great blog. I seriously need to get out more. For a second I thought of starting a blog of all the places I have NOT visited. Here I will leave you to venture into the travel blogger sphere on your own without me giving away too much. Seriously! The Norway Mountains await you…

Happy Blogging!

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