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Corporate events require more experiences, less things

In today’s frenetic business world, corporate events are required to be more about unique and memorable experiences that attendees can participate in and feel, as opposed to the run of the mill formal ‘sit down and listen’ type of affairs. These tailored events do however require a dedicated, skilled and experienced team behind them.

“OrangeBlock, a bespoke events management company within the Nfinity Group, is one such company that provides our clients the full range of varied services that include corporate events, marketing programmes, special corporate hospitality events, award ceremonies, launch/release parties and public events,” says Michelle Kirby, Managing Director of OrangeBlock. “In a recent example, a client wanted to create a unique and premium experience targeting a very high income target market.”

In answer to the brief, OrangeBlock arranged and executed a day of advanced and high speed driving around the famous Kyalami Race track which culminated in a whisky tasting.  The event included personalised pictures taken in a Mercedes AMG for each guest to take home as a memento, delicacies and eats throughout the day and ended off with a bespoke whisky tasting hosted by a skilled whisky brand ambassador.

According to Kirby, it is critical that events take into account the brand’s marketing and communication strategies, creating the full 360° communication tool – with an event being one of the possible marketing channels marketers can use to further enhance a brand. These strategies become especially important, right from the beginning and concept phase, in the choices and decisions that are made relating to the creative concept and design of the event.

In order to create these unique and memorable experiences, eventing companies must, as a minimum, be able to offer a wide scope of services for any given event, which at its maximum include all creative, technical and logistical elements of the event, or just a subset of these. All this, of course, depends on the client’s requirements, expertise and budget.

“In depth technical design, knowledge and full understanding of how to deliver a company’s message to their target audience and markets are needed in order to make any event effective,” concludes Kirby.

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