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Edith Petersen Retires After 35 Years At Caxton

Edith is a well known and highly respected legend in the media buying industry. With her career spanning countless years, Caxton would like to bid her a fond farewell.

Edith joined the Argus Group back in the 70s before joining Caxton in 1983 where she efficiently ran the insert bookings division – an impressive feat considering the vast amount of bookings processed on a weekly basis. In 1994/95, Edith was promoted to Media Manager, overseeing all the training and development of new staff, as well as insert bookings. A large number of these staff members went on to further their careers in the industry and became highly successful.

Caxton would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her dedicated and professional service to our media co-ordination over the last 35 years. Edith leaves extremely large boots to fill, and Caxton wishes her all the best in her well-earned retirement.


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