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Evidence Based Marketing – what is it and why do we need it?

The concepts of Behavioural Economics, Observed Consumer Behaviour and Neuro-marketing are enough to make any marketer head for the hills out of the sheer fear of not knowing where to begin. Kirsty Dugmore of SugaSpice puts it simply.

The truth of the matter is that evidence-based marketing needn’t be intimidating. Plainly put, this ground breaking interdisciplinary field is the integration of several scientific disciplines into the field of marketing. It’s evolving the marketing industry and offering marketers the tools and insights, based on empirical evidence, on how to achieve brand growth.

SugaSpice was created two years ago with a vision to upskill South Africa’s marketers with increased knowledge of evidence based-marketing and how to apply it.  Marketing and media industries are being offered the opportunity to learn more about the exciting discoveries made by some of the world’s leading and most respected academics in their fields.

Chief Growth Officer for SugaSpice, Kirsty Dugmore, explains that: “Evidence-based marketing uses the disciplines of Behavioural Economics, Observed Consumer Behaviour and Neuro-marketing to better understand how consumers are making the purchasing and brand decisions that they do.”

She further notes: “This promising discipline offers insights into predictable patterns and behaviours, and offers practical advice that marketers can implement in their marketing and media strategies.”

Behavioural Economics, to cite just one example, conducts analyses into consumer decision making based on empirically studied psychological traits.

“Typically, Behavioural Economics says that, as human beings, we are predictably irrational with constant flaws in our decision making processes. Consumers make snap decisions using ‘mental shortcuts’ that are available to them – but memories are stored in a way that aren’t easily accessible. The challenge for brands is to create ways to create mental availability when a consumer is in the market for their specific product or service,” Kirsty says.

“The lesson here is that brands need to realise that their customers are not constantly thinking about them, and that to stay one step ahead of competitors they have to focus on making it easy to be thought of.

With the assistance of evidence-based marketing, brands can make sure that they’re part of the consideration set when consumers consider buying specific products or services.”

Kirsty has spent the last 13 years employed in large corporate media companies and has spent thousands of hours researching the relevant literature now at the forefront of modern marketing. She has taken these learnings and developed accessible and practical course material.

SugaSpice’s Evidence-Based marketing courses offer clients the very latest in evidence-based marketing techniques, assisting them in their efforts to get up to speed with global advancements in the field.

“Evidence-based marketing has the very real ability, through easy to implement strategies, to turn a brand’s growth trajectory around, and I really enjoy sharing with marketers how to do just that.”

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