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Kodak launches massive print innovation with Caxton CTP and SPARK Media

“This is the biggest news for print in a very long time,” says Olav Westphal, Sales Director of SPARK Media. “The Kodak Prosper S30 Imprinting System represents the first variable print technology on African newspapers. It’s a game changer for retailers and all advertisers.”

“Newspapers have always been a mass media channel and due to the technology involved a single run will produce exactly the same content. This technology allows all printed Caxton products to create real interactive advertising in print form that is hyper targeted and hyper localised. Because the basis of the technology is digital, information (the advertised deals or promotions) can by updated in real time. Retailers will effectively be able to create direct one to one connections between ads and consumers but in a print format.”

The innovation effectively closes the loop from print to digital allowing a consumer to access a special deal, discount or service through a special unique numbered code or barcode that is printed in a specific Caxton newspaper. That will then take the consumer to the advertiser’s website where the deal can be activated and further details obtained from the consumer.

“The imprinting system will be seamlessly added directly on to our current printing presses eliminating the need to disrupt the manufacturing process,” says Olav.

Through the unique advert on every newspaper, additional opportunities include gaming and contests, interactive adverts, variable promotion by location and unique daily access codes to specialised online content. Each display advert is assigned a unique code which opens the doors to a variety of creative campaigns, in-store promotions, discounts, website visits and lucky draws.

An example is a reader logging onto an online site and entering their distinctive code, completing an information form and automatically receiving a discount coupon or being automatically entered into a bigger competition.

“Blue sky thinking, images, maps, QR codes and serial numbers, the sky’s the limit now!” he concludes. “We are beyond excited to be the first in Africa to be able to offer this innovation, in black and white for now, to our advertisers and to be at the forefront of print’s next move. Exciting times ahead, we look forward to fantastic feedback from our advertisers.”

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