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Peter Langschmidt wins best presentation at PDRF Madrid


At this year’s PDRF (Publishing & Data Research Forum) in Madrid, the PRC’s (Publisher Research Council) Peter Langschmidt took top honours for South Africa when his presentation, entitled “The Reading Revolution. React, Reposition, Recalibrate” was judged to be the symposium’s best presentation out of all those submitted from around the world.

 The Publishing and Data Research Forum (PDRF), held every two years, is devoted to best practice and innovation in measuring publisher paper and online audiences around the world, where experts in media and audience research globally share ideas and solutions. This year’s symposium, held in Madrid from 14 to 17 October, looked forward to publishing in the 2020’s and was themed New Opportunities: New Approaches.

“It’s an honour for my paper to have been selected amongst many outstanding global presentations,” says Peter Langschmidt, Research Consultant to the PRC. “There were 42 papers presented by 60 media and research experts from over 30 countries. The paper details the manner of the work completed by the PRC across reading media platforms and a summary of projects handled over the last 18 months in South Africa.

The Publisher Research Council is now truly on the global publishing and media map and validates the principles, methods and manner of our media research. Our world first innovation of RGS (Reverse Geographic Sampling) where we combine an online sample with a face to face one to ensure optimum spread and household type was particularly well received.“

Further to the winning the award, the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) has requested that this paper be presented at their annual conference in March 2018.

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