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Public perception is everything

In the fast-paced world of media and advertising, public perception is everything. How your brand is perceived can make or break its success. That’s where the art of Public Relations (PR) comes into play. PR has the remarkable ability to shape public opinion and change the way people perceive a brand or industry. In this blog, we will explore how PR can be a game-changer in the media and advertising industries, with real-life examples showcasing its transformative power.

Building Trust and Credibility

In an era of scepticism and information overload, building trust and credibility is essential. PR plays a pivotal role in establishing and maintaining a positive public perception and reputation for media and advertising companies. By effectively communicating key messages, sharing success stories, and highlighting industry expertise, PR professionals can instil confidence in consumers and stakeholders.

In 2018, Nike launched a controversial advertising campaign featuring former NFL player Colin Kaepernick. While the campaign faced backlash initially, Nike’s PR team strategically handled the situation, highlighting their commitment to social justice issues and empowering athletes. The campaign not only changed public perceptions but also led to an increase in sales and brand loyalty.

Crisis Management

The media and advertising industries are no strangers to crises. Whether it’s a product recall, a PR scandal, or a negative news story, how an organisation manages a crisis can make all the difference. PR professionals are skilled in crisis communication and can swiftly and effectively address issues to minimise damage and preserve reputation.

Influencing Public Perception and Opinion

PR has the ability to shape public opinion by strategically influencing media coverage and controlling the narrative. By leveraging media relationships, crafting compelling stories, and utilising social media platforms, PR professionals can shape public perception to align with their client’s goals.

Dove, a leading personal care brand, launched the “Real Beauty” campaign to challenge societal beauty standards. Through thought-provoking advertisements and collaborations with influential voices, Dove succeeded in shifting public perceptions and promoting a more inclusive definition of beauty.

Thought Leadership and Expertise

Establishing thought leadership and positioning key individuals as industry experts can significantly impact public perceptions. PR professionals can secure media opportunities, speaking engagements, and byline articles to showcase expertise, driving credibility and respect within the industry and among the target audience.

Rebranding and Repositioning

When a brand needs to change its public perception, image or reposition itself in the market, PR can be a powerful tool. PR professionals can develop strategic campaigns that highlight new brand values, showcase innovation, and communicate the brand’s evolution to alter public perceptions positively.

Eleven examples of how brands changed their negative public image.

In the media and advertising industries, where public perception is paramount, PR can be a transformative force. By building trust, managing crises, influencing public opinion, establishing thought leadership, and facilitating rebranding efforts, PR professionals have the power to shape how the public perceives brands and the industry as a whole. Through strategic PR campaigns and effective storytelling, media and advertising companies can change public perceptions, enhance their reputation, and drive long-term success. A prime example is establishing the Marketing Research Foundation (MRF) Marketing All Product Survey (MAPS) single-source data as the single source of truth in the South African media and advertising industry.

Remember, the art of PR is a continuous process that requires adaptability, creativity, and strategic thinking. Embrace the power of PR, and watch as public perceptions evolve, unlocking new opportunities for growth and success in the dynamic world of media and advertising.

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