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RECMA identifies one South African agency in latest release

Being recognised as the best media agency in your country is a fantastic achievement. Being recognised as a top contender on a global scale is even better. Being the only South African media agency on that global list is the best!

 Global research company RECMA, which evaluates the performance of media agencies around the world, has identified The MediaShop as number nine on its Top 16 Standalone agencies that are part of groups. This is a phenomenal achievement considering the calibre of independent media agencies in South Africa.

The study also confirmed The MediaShop’s market share at 14.6% of the South African market, a higher share than any other international agency listed in this Top 16.

The Debrief, released on the 16th July is a specific analysis separate to its annual performance ranking of 900 media agencies around 50 countries. The MediaShop, while partly owned by the IPG Group, is a mostly locally owned and a standalone agency.

“As a majority locally owned media agency, The MediaShop is a proudly South African business that is well known for pioneering and innovating thinking,” says shareholder and board chairman Bonang Mohale. “In a market as unique as South Africa it’s imperative that any media agency is able to make autonomous, quick and decisive decisions for clients based on its local current climate at any given point. This is just one factor that sets The MediaShop apart. As a collective we’d like to congratulate The MediaShop team for once again placing the agency firmly on the world map of media agency excellence.”

The MediaShop:

The MediaShop is South Africa’s most established, most awarded, most transformed media agency, and member of the Nahana Communications Group of specialist agencies, each with their own independent structures, cultures and management teams, and a desire to work together where synergy exists.

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