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rooi rose is proud to announce the commencement of season 3 of rrRADIO in February 2020!

rooi rose is proud to announce the commencement of season 3 of rrRADIO in February 2020!

rrRADIO, rooi rose and Caxton Magazine’s first, free Afrikaans podcast channel for women, is expanding its programming for a second time, since its launch in June 2019. rrRADIO offers clients a new innovative and cost-effective way to connect to the Afrikaans market and sought-after rooi rose audiences.  “Over the first 2 seasons, rrRADIO downloads and impressions have grown organically at an exponential rate and we foresee that, during season 3, it will rise to 40 000+ impressions per month”, says rrRADIO Executive Producer and rooi rose Deputy Editor, Hannelie Diedericks.

Some feedback & reviews from listeners from season 1 & 2:

  • “Thank you for this enjoyable series.  I love every second of it!  At times I laugh out loud, and even cry a tear or two.  I only allow myself one episode each evening, so it will last longer.”
  • “What a wonderful podcast series! I can’t believe it’s finished now.”
  • “I adore this story immensely and have laughed and cried with the protagonist.  Elize Cawood is an excellent narrator.”
  • “rrRADIO – at long last! Finally an Afrikaans podcast channel to listen to.”
  • “rrRADIO is a stroke of genius. Thank you rooi rose, I love your podcasts.”

Season 3 will see the launch of two brand new series:

Lam in Wolfsklere

Lam in Wolfsklere is a new serial fiction series, which is based on the fun, light hearted novel written by popular Afrikaans author, Bernette Bergenthuin.  The story will be narrated by well-known actress and TV presenter Elma Postma (pictured).  New episodes will be released every Thursday morning from 27 February.

Ons diere & hul giere

Ons diere & hul giere is a new pet care series hosted by Ilse Salzwedel.  Pets are an integral part of our reader’s families’ and the show will focus on everything pet owners need to know about how to care for their pets.  We will interview various pet experts and veterinarians, and each episode will cover a pertinent topic for pet owners.  New episodes will be released every second Monday from 2 March.

The following popular series will return in season 3:

Tussen Ons 3

Tussen Ons 3 is a wellness programme hosted by rooi rose’s specialist journalist Mariette Snyman.  In this season we will focus on how people can help people close to them if they are experiencing a specific crisis, whether it’s divorce, death of loved one, terminal illness or any other life challenge.  New episodes will be released every Tuesday morning from 25 February.

Tee & Taai Toffies

This popular interview and advice series returns with a new cast of interesting celebrities who are interviewed by our veteran journalist and radio personality, Ilse Salzwedel.  In the second part of the interview, they attempt to give relationship advice to our listeners. We promise a listener’s experience filled with compassion and humour. New episodes will be released every second Wednesday morning from 2 March.


In the latest season of our financial advice series, specialist journalist Anet Schoeman, will talk to various experts in finance about everything you need to know and teach your child about finance. New episodes will be released every second Friday morning from 6 March.

rrRADIO can be streamed directly from and is also available wherever you listen to podcasts.  All the previous series from season 1 and 2 (Botox, Barbies & Bietse,  Dans met die rooi rok, Tussen Ons seasons 1 and 2) are still active. E-mail for more information.

 Photo credit Elma Postma: rooi rose

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