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#ROOTS2019 – Building Insights with LEGO

ROOTS, with a random sample size of more than 27 000 respondents, is South Africa’s largest and longest running consumer shopping behaviour survey, and SPARK Media launches ROOTS 2019 in June.

 This year SPARK Media are excited to partner with LEGO to showcase the ROOTS 2019 launch.

“We will be BUILDING insights out of the new, extensive data and reveal these through ROOTS LEGO SCENES at each city’s launch event,” says Gill Randall, CEO of SPARK Media. “Like LEGO bricks, the data by itself is pretty useless until you start building and analysing and finding patterns and designs. These findings will be used as tools that help assist our marketing and media professionals to make better decisions about their strategies.”

The ROOTS LEGO SCENES aim to take some of the immense amount of data and translate it into practical, visual and fun scenarios of what our South African buyers and shoppers look like and do. ROOTS gives marketers a better understanding of their customers by geographic area.

“The South African shopping and buying landscape is constantly changing in response to both macro-economic factors like politics and economics, and geographically more local factors like new shops, shopping centres, online shopping options and the effect of digital media on reading habits. ROOTS helps us interpret and understand these changes community by community.

ROOTS 2019 has incorporated new technology to both improve sampling and speed up in-field data collection, but has also rigorously retained proven and validated readership research questions for accuracy and trending purposes. We have also included some new areas in our efforts to build a true reflection of the South African shopper and buyer at the geographic community level,” Gill concludes.

ROOTS will be launching in Durban on the 4th of June, Johannesburg on the 6th of June and Cape Town on the 11th of June.  For more information and to book your space visit or contact

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