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SPARK Media presents Smart Targeting with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

SPARK Media is proud to host Dr Carl Driesener this October, a senior marketing scientist from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute (EBI) based in Australia. His presentation, themed Smart Targeting, will focus on the highly topical and hotly debated subject of effective targeting.

 Dr Driesener notes, “In an era of accountability and media fragmentation, some targeting makes sense. But, like adding salt to a dish, too much targeting can undo the good.”

Each year, SPARK Media hosts a speaker from the world’s leading marketing science centre based at the University of South Australia Business School. These sessions provide media and advertising professionals access to cutting-edge insights into marketing and consumer trends across the world.

“Our annual seminar with EBI always delivers crucial insights into current marketing trends and, more importantly, changes in the way in which brands and consumers are adapting to the ever-changing marketing landscape, both locally and globally. We’re excited to share these latest findings with our guests,” says Gill Randall, CEO of SPARK Media.

EBI has worked with many of the world’s leading brands such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Procter & Gamble etc. to develop an evidence-based marketing culture.

Availability for this highly anticipated event is limited, so reserve your seat to avoid disappointment by emailing


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