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Spot the new hyenas at Emerald’s Animal World

Ever heard the characteristic cackling cries in the South African bushveld? That’s the sound of the spotted or laughing hyena, and this same laughter (which can sometimes be heard as far away as 5km) can now be heard at Emerald Resort & Casino’s Animal World.

 “We’re pleased to announce that Animal World Zoo has taken in two spotted hyena cubs,” says Emerald Resort & Casino’s Marketing Executive Tanuja Gangabishun.

“They are doing really well and are adapting to their new environment,” confirms Elana Smalberger , Zoo Manager at Emerald Resort & Casino’s Animal World. “The cubs arrived at the beginning of June, but we have only recently moved them into their new environment.”

Although only six months old, a fully grown spotted hyena  can grow to almost 2m long, with a dark, bushy tail measuring 25-30cm. Females are heavier than males, and can weigh up to 82kg. Within the clans a social hierarchy exists and again the female ranks higher than the male.

Their laughter is commonly a series of whoops, grunts, yells, growls, giggles and cackles and is used as a form of communication.

“These incredible and highly intelligent creatures can be seen (and sometimes heard) at Animal World, next to the Monkey Island,” concludes Tanuja. “Animal World is open every day from 09h00 to 16h15. Besides the hyenas, be on the look out for hippos and flamingos, iguanas and antelope, monkeys, lions, snakes and so much more.”

Midweek rates:           Adults: R45, Children u12: R30 and Pensioners: R20

Weekend rates:           Adults: R55, Children u12: R35 and Pensioners: R20

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