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The successful print campaign that set a CEO strutting out in a Speedo

It all began with a challenge at a Tekkie Town conference last year to reach an exceptional target for December 2017 – an “absolutely impossible to reach” target that had the CEO betting that he would walk in a Speedo from one Tekkie Town building to the other if it was reached.

Unfortunately for Tekkie Town’s CEO, Bernard Mostert, but luckily for the Tekkie Town business, this target was exceeded.  The backbone of the strategy was for Tekkie Town to negotiate the beatable deals with their suppliers, and then advertise them in an 8 page catalogue. The catalogue was inserted into 38 relevant local Caxton newspapers twice, at two week intervals.

Unbelievably, the “impossible” was achieved and Mostert had to do what he promised, strutting out across the headquarters in a snugly-fitted, Tekkie Town-branded Speedo.

Based on this incredible campaign success, Tekkie Town plans to run the insert four times this year and has increased their print order and publications, for the next campaign.

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