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Evidence Based Marketing has arrived!


Over the past decade there has been significant advances in the advertising and marketing fields, not least of which is the advent of Evidence Based Marketing, the latest global movement in marketing. As an introduction to concepts including Behavioural Economics, Observed Consumer Behaviour and Cognitive Neuroscience, Kirsty Dugmore of SugaSpice will be hosting a “Modern Marketing Bootcamp” to bring together these principles of Evidence-Based thinking in a useful and inspiring workshop.

“The rise of behavioural science within marketing around the world is quiet staggering, and any business looking for longevity and brand growth should be adopting Evidence Based Marketing techniques,” she says.

The short two-day course will take a closer look at consumer behaviour, why brands matter and the principles for brand growth by bringing together fact-based learnings that draw from the disciplines of Behavioural Economics, Observed Consumer Behaviour and Neuro-marketing or Cognitive Neuroscience.

“Throughout the course we will also understand how consumers make decisions, and the role that brands can play in these decisions,” says Kirsty. “There are so many factors playing beneath the surface when it comes to the decision making process and we will touch on a few of these as we learn to establish and maintain strong brands.”

The course is a must for anyone in the marketing, advertising, communication and related industries and takes place on the 24th and 25th March and the 5th and 6th May in Randburg, Johannesburg. Interested parties can email Kirsty on

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