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The MediaShop evolves into a fully-fledged IMC, intelligence led agency

Award winning media agency, The MediaShop began its evolution into an integrated marketing and communications (IMC) agency in 2019, and is now ready to make the transition final. The move allows the agency to offer business solutions beyond media that will be informed by data and behavioural economics, says Kgaugelo Maphai, The MediaShop’s Johannesburg MD.

Led by Victor Koaho as the agency’s IMC Head, the company’s new direction is promising great insight driven strategies. “We’re massively excited about our new direction which is already yielding positive results,” he says. “As an IMC agency we’re able to truly look at a business from all angles and address any shortcomings that may exist, beyond the realm of media planning. We’ll be taking a bird’s eye view of each client’s business in its entirety and offering workable solutions.”

Kgaugelo adds: “This is the foundation and investment we have made as a business to ensure that we differentiate ourselves, and that we are able to deliver even better results together with our clients in 2020 and beyond. Our vision is to be pioneers in revolutionary communication solutions for brands to connect with consumers — we can only achieve this by truly being in touch with consumers in this diverse society of ours.”

“With budgets being constrained, some brands are sticking to tried-and-tested methods, and therefore limiting the amount of innovation required to break through the clutter,” he says. “We are not seeing as much creativity as a result, which is unfortunate, because this is when we need it most.”

Backing the agency’s new direction is Tirisano Consulting, the agency’s human intelligence business headed by Isla Prentis that underpins all strategic work on intelligence led consumer insights.

The MediaShop:

The MediaShop is South Africa’s most established, most awarded, most transformed media agency, and member of the Nahana Communications Group of specialist agencies, each with their own independent structures, cultures and management teams, and a desire to work together where synergy exists.

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